Business applications, support and consulting by accelapps

K2 Business Applications

We offer a wide selection of standardized business applications,  that we have implemented repeatedly for clients, made in low-code no-code K2 platform.

Custom Business K2 Applications Development

With a smile, based on our experience and according to your needs, we create business applications using the K2 platform.

K2 Add-Ons & Solutions

Our own unique extensions to the K2 platform, new K2 smartform controls, print output solutions and SharePoint integration.
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System Support & Monitoring

We provide service support and monitoring of operated systems and applications.
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Microsoft365 Consulting Services

For more than 20 years we have been creating what used to be called intranets, DMS and team collaboration solutions for our clients. How do we grasp this topic today, with the best that exists?

Enterprise applications: Management

Investment Approvals

Enterprise applications: Manufacturing and Sales

Change Management

Customer Complaints

Internal Discrepancies

Supplier Management

Supplier Complaints

ISO Audit Discrepancies

Enterprise applications: HR

Employee Onboarding

Contract Changes

Employee Offboarding

Employee Directory

Work Accidents

Benefits Approval

Asset Management

Cach Register

Wish List

Enterprise applications: Legal

Contract Management

Enterprise Applications: Finance

Invoices Received

Enterprise applications: Marketing

Promotional Activities

Shops Evaluation

Enterprise Applications: Investment Funds


Product Portfolio Management


Investments’ onboarding, management and reporting

Property acquisition opportunities management

Enterprise applications: Administration

Visitors List

External Users Management

I want to know

Solutions for: IT

Systems Support