Understand the real needs of our clients and help them effectively automate business processes and optimize IT, all based on the principle of mutually beneficial and long-term relationships.

Become a trusted and preferred partner for both customers and employees. To respond flexibly to changes by providing superior services according to the latest trends.

Board members

Aleš Klenka
Lead Consultant
Kamil Juřík
Head of Consulting, CTO

He applies his many years of experience in project management and the design and development of enterprise applications at Nintex K2 to accelapps.

More than 8 years ago, he "brought" K2 to the Czech Republic, participated in several of the largest K2 projects in Europe in the role of technical specialist and architect, and served as Regional Director directly at K2.

He defined our project management principles and rules, standards of open communication and approach to clients, which significantly differentiated accelapps from the competition.

Behind the K2 applications he designs and oversees the development of, he sees first and foremost a sense of purpose and benefit for the client, but also a coherent functional unit built on a trusted platform. He enjoys finding new ways, developing the implementation and consulting team and pushing their boundaries.

He plays snooker better than Kamil and has two kids.

At accelapps, he is the chief technical visionary, the major face of the company, leading the consultant and support teams, guaranteeing the professionalism of the solutions delivered.

At K2 applications, he likes to go straight to the target. He believes that a working prototype will allow the client to define what they want better than a lengthy analysis.

He is an enthusiastic lecturer and speaker and a long-time recipient of the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in the SharePoint category.

In the past, he has worked on SharePoint farm design and implementations, SharePoint Online tenants and audits. Now, besides managing the development of specific K2 applications, he is the brain behind solutions such as accelapps InSights and K2 App Framework.

In his spare time, he is, among other things, a gourmet, snooker player and sci-fi fan, and since August 2011 a father of his first-born daughter Nina.

Our milestones

Since 2017, we have been designing and building applications that support a wide range of business processes using the K2 platform and Microsoft products and technologies. We provide consulting and support for solutions based on Microsoft365 and Azure platforms.
  • Company registration

    Autumn 2017

    After several years of careful consideration, we decided to establish accelapps.

  • First projects

    Autumn 2017

    The first K2 and SharePoint projects came along, we defined the basic standards that we still follow today.

  • K2 Reseller Parner

    End of 2017

    accelapps becomes a K2 Reseller Partner, without question the fastest approved partner in K2 history.

  • K2 Governance

    Spring 2018

    Aleš and Kamil project their many years of experience with K2 in K2 Governance, thus providing customers with a methodology for implementing and using K2.

  • Brno office opening

    Summer 2018

    We are opening a office in Brno, where Kamil is returning from Prague. It turned out to be a great decision. We are gaining new clients in Moravia, we are also working in Slovakia.

  • We are growing

    Autumn 2018

    We are hiring new colleagues, starting new projects. SharePoint and Office365 becomes an integral part of our portfolio.

  • Starting customer support

    Beginning of 2019

    We are starting to provide customer support for K2, SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online. And as usual, we're doing this theme very differently than usual.

  • SharePoint conference in Brno

    April 2019

    We co-organize and speak at the SharePoint conference in Brno. Our key message is expressed in the workshop entitled "Does anyone still need a traditional intranet?" or Microsoft Teams in practice.

  • We're moving

    June 2020

    We are moving to new bigger offices in Brno on Víděňská Street and we are enjoying them very much.

  • accelapps InSights

    January 2021

    We are launching the accelapps InSights cloud monitoring solution and introducing it to our first clients.

  • Covid and us

    March 2020 - up to now

    Despite everything that is happening around us, we maintain the regular running and functioning of the office and work performance. We are acquiring new clients and investing in the development of new solutions.

  • Improving the InSights solution

    October 2021

    We are significantly expanding our infrastructure monitoring solution, accelapps InSights. We are adding specialized dashboards for monitoring SQL, SharePoint and K2 servers. There are already more than 200 panels in the entire solution.

Our values


We approach our clients with honesty and a real intention to help them.

The Truth

We don't lie, we don't make things up, we don't twist things, we don't cheat.

Fair work

Everything we do, we do to the best of our ability.

Pride and Humility

We have a sense of professional pride, we know our level, we are also humble, we honor our clients.

Wholeness and integrity

We do not succumb to "fashion" fads and passing trends. We keep our inner attitudes and do not give them up.


We protect and maintain harmony and balance in everything we do.