Enterprise business applications low-code development, Microsoft365 consultations and system support and monitoring.

Enterprise Applications

With a smile, we create enterprise applications using the low-code K2 platform K2.
Long analysis? Hm, what about having a quick version 1 and then moving on?

Microsoft365 Consulting

For more than 20 years we have been creating what used to be called intranets and team collaboration solutions. How do we grasp this topic today, with the best that exists?

System Support & Monitoring

We provide managers and technical specialists with comprehensive information revealing the actual usage and running condition of servers and services.

Upcoming events

For it to make sense,
our approach...

INDIVIDUALS AND INTERACTIONS over processes and tools.
WORKING SOFTWARE over comprehensive documentation.
CUSTOMER COLLABORATION over contract negotiation.
RESPONDING TO CHANGE over following a plan.

As valuable as points on the right are, we value points on the left more.

We are on your side

We design and build applications that support a wide range of business processes using the K2 platform and Microsoft products and technologies.
We approach you and your project as if we were part of your team. We pursue a common goal and try to look at the requirements through your eyes.

We listen to you

We do our best to listen to you at all times. Talk to us as it comes naturally to you, we will translate the information into technical language ourselves. In return, we will also talk to you in a way that you can understand.

We only propose what we believe is right

We respect your suggestions and comments as we know there is a real business need behind them. That's why we do everything we suggest in good faith, in an effort to create a viable solution with real and tangible benefits.