Nintex Automation SmartForms Multiple Upload Control

Nintex Automation SmartForms Multiple Upload Control from Accelapps (hereinafter referred to as the Solution) makes it much easier for end users to upload files to K2 forms. Users can easily upload one or more files to a K2 form, even using the drag and drop method.

It has never been easier for users to upload files to K2 forms with our solution.

Do you want to know more?

Using Accelapps K2 Universal SharePoint Broker you get:


Easy integration

You can easily embed the Solution into any K2 form and get an advanced file upload solution right away.


Single and multiple file support

Need to upload one or more files? That's no problem with our Solution. Just drag and drop one or more files onto the form as usual.


K2 features included as standard

Even with our Solution, K2 developers benefit from the standard K2 forms functionality they are familiar with. They don't need to learn new complex procedures.


No complex requirements for operation

No server installations, no technical settings. Developers simply integrate our solution into existing K2 forms without any additional technical requirements.

Questions and Answers

Is Solution limited to a specific version or edition of K2?

No, it is not. This Solution will work regardless of the version or edition of K2 you have. We support all currently available K2 Five versions and editions.

How difficult is the process of installation?

The whole Solution is technically an add-on that works directly at the form level. This means that nothing is installed on your K2 servers.

How does the use of Solution affect our existing K2 applications?

Your existing K2 forms that use standard K2 document controls will need to be modified to use the Solution.
The amount of work required to modify individual forms depends on the extent of the functionality on the forms associated with the documents. However, most can be estimated in units of hours per form.
We are happy to help you customize your K2 applications.

Is the Solution limited to use only with a SharePoint repository?

No, it's not. The solution works at the level of K2 SmartForm forms and makes it easy for the user to insert documents into the form. It doesn't matter where the form saves the files.

What licensing model is available for Solution?

The rights to use the Solution consist of a perpetual Organization License, hereafter referred to as License, and a Software Assurance subscription, hereafter referred to as Subscription.

We license the Solution for your organization, regardless of the number of Nintex Automation (K2) or SharePoint servers you run. The license therefore entitles you to run the Solution on an unlimited number of your K2 servers and to use it on an unlimited number of K2 SmartForms.

The price of the License includes an annual Subscription, i.e. support and the right to access new versions of this solution.

After the first year, you can get additional support and access to new versions by purchasing a Subscription at 20% of the license price per year.

What is the price of the License and Subscription for Solution?

The price of the License is 3600 EUR excluding VAT.
The price of the Subscription is 720 EUR excluding VAT per year.