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accelapps: Software Requirements Policy

The following tables list the minimum software requirements for installing and running accelapps business applications.

These tables list minimum requirements only. In all cases, newer versions of listed software applications, platforms and server environment will usually perform better at runtime. Your environment, installation topology, requirements or expected load on applications may require further custom recommendation reflecting your business needs.

General Policy Principle

accelapps Software Requirements Policy is based on the N-1 principle. The N-1 policy enables only the newer on-premises products.

N-1 includes the current version (N) and the previous version (N-1) of all running Server and Clinet Components. Older (N-2) versions and any versions of Server and Clinet Components where its mainstream support has ended, are not entitled for support incident creation.

The General Policy Principle applies to all Server Components (server hosted operating system environments and all of its components) and Client Components (client based environments and all of its components and installed applications).

Client Components

The table below lists the minimum software requirements for developer workstations and client machines (e.g. environments where client components like K2 smartforms, custom JavaScripts & custom controls are processed and rendered in a client web browser).

Environment Minimum Requirement Notes
Web Browsers Developer workstation Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium  
Client machine Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium  


Version: 1.1
Published: 05/02/2020